From your Store to their Door!

Attention all business owners! Do you run an online only store or traditional brick and mortar supported with an online store?  Either way, Greenway’s got you covered with our new integrated delivery app!

When your customers place orders on your site, a simple integration from your store to our app takes care of the rest! Your customers will receive a text notification of approximate delivery time and we’ll send you real time delivery confirmations, signature and even pics!

Plus, your customers can even see our drivers en route to them so they know exactly when we’ll be there! No more calls asking: where’s my….??

Picture this!:

  • Flowers and Gift Basket delivery – you can choose who gets the text notification that we’re on our way with your amazing product: the sender? the receiver? Imagine the sender getting a text notification that their thoughtful gift had been delivered?
    • If the recipient is aware that their beautiful surprise is on the way; wouldn’t they just love to know that the delivery is coming with a time definite commitment! Either party can also communicate directly with the driver to ensure everything is 100%!


  • Cold food products – choose Greenway for your non hot food items to be delivered rush to your customers’ front door! Weekly meal plans, specialty food items direct to your customer all with real time immediate tracking and delivery.


  • Real Estate Agents & Agencies – ever had that client that calls you every 5 minutes to see where their agreement, deposit cheque or keys are?! Our express direct service option with text message updates and real time live driver mapping will put those calls to bed – because THEY get the updates! Allowing you to keep working on your next great sale!


  • Pharmacy / Medicinal / Alcohol Delivery  – our amazing drivers are 100% bondable, insured and have all passed criminal record checks. If you’re in need of real time track and trace for your highly secured pharmaceuticals and alcohol, then Greenway has got you covered. Our app will let your customers know exactly when we’re to arrive and we’ll capture proof of age and identification real time for reference as required.


Call us directly to get started, to fully integrate or find a solution that works best and let’s WOW your customers.